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soundtrack music

On this page are the more incidental pieces I've recorded, driven by texture, space, and gut reaction. They're mostly instrumental and the occasional vocal is woven into the mix rather than sitting on top as the focal point. For me many of them hold as much emotion and meaning as the more traditionally structured songs I've written. I encourage you to put your headphones on.

"Heavy", "Helicopter", and "Las Vegas After The Towers Fell" are improvisations that happened during a very strange trip I took to Las Vegas just after 9/11 happened. My good friend and former Laughingstock band mate, Eric Gebow, had just joined The Blue Man Group and moved up there to open their show. Under the nations' dark cloud we set up in his rehearsal space and recorded these improvisations. To be in such an outlandish place at such an inward time really twisted my brain. "Mission" came together shortly after that trip and incorporates some of the whispered stream of consciousness from "Las Vegas After The Towers Fell", this time in melodic song form. It features Laughingstock drummer, Mark Bernfield.

"Pavement" is the instrumental version of the song with the same name on the first Laughingstock record. "Shimmer" is an improvisation. Both of these I recorded and played on the same day, entirely by myself, overdubbing bit by bit, a sharp contrast to the very live Las Vegas sessions. They're my debut on drums. "Ingrid" is a soundtrack to a home horror movie my friend, Barry Stelboum made starring his family. It's also overdubbed bit by bit by yours truly and includes another attempt of mine to be a drummer. It's really thrilling to write music to visual cues.

You can find "Heffalump" on the second Laughingstock record. It is of course a nightmarish Winnie The Pooh reference and features Eric Gebow on drums and John Brevik on Organ. "One Eighth Left" is on Bright Brown "Oceans" and features Nick Smeraski on drums and David Blatty on keyboards. The title started out as a reference to the 7/8 time signature most of the piece is in but, for me, has come to mean that we're running out of time.

Soundtrack examples (click on title to play):

1. Heavy
2. Heffalump
3. Helicopter
4. Ingrid
5. Las Vegas After The Towers Fell
6. Mission
7. One-Eighth Left
8. Pavement
9. Shimmer

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