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Laughingstock was the turning point in my musical life. This project was responsible for defining me as a songwriter, musician, and producer to this day, a style I refer to as sonic cinema. I had the privelage of collaborating with some incredibly innovative humans; Eric Gebow (Blue Man Group), John Brevik, Zoe Keating (Rasputina, Imogen Heap), Milton Cross, Mark Bernfield, Erik Glick Reiman, and Lee Townsend (Bill Frisell). The project is named after one of the most influential records from my childhood, Talk Talk's cult classic, Laughing Stock, a truly reckless and immersive adventure, taking chances with pop music structure I've never heard anywhere else. I made three records under the Laughingstock moniker that schooled me as a musician, songwriter, and producer and have compelled me to keep searching out the next musical horizon.

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songs (click on title):

1. J Church
2. White
3. Fast (Strange Euphoria)
4. Boom Bands
5. Driving Days
6. Soul Hurt
7. Heffalump
8. Things To Throw Off A Precipice
9. Slow On Fast
10. Underskin
11. I'm
12. Fence

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